Nobody likes a dirty grimy window. Now think about the number of windows/ doors and glass panels you have and it is clear to see that professional Window Ninjas are a better solution.

Window Ninjas are a professionally presented, Melbourne window cleaning business. Our experienced window cleaning team are able to undertake specialised projects while maintaining very high standards. We guarantee that our services are fast, cost effective and adaptable…

Windows Ninjas industry experience spans some 15 years.

The Legend Forms; Because We Are:

# Reliable
# Reasonably Priced
# Offer Services and Quality Beyond Expectation
# Provide Our Clients with Professional Advice and Knowledge
# Environmentally Friendly
# Leaders in Safe Work Practices
# Fully Insured (10 000 000 Public Liability Insurance)

Our Scheduled Services Include Recognised Expertise In:

# Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning
# Office Window Cleaning
# Builders Clean/Initial Clean (Window/Glass Cleaning)
# Primary & Secondary Schools/Universities
# High Dusting/Cobweb Removal
# BMU's (Building Maintenance Units)
# Swinging Stages
# Cherry Pickers
# Scissor Lifts
# Extension Pole and Difficult Access Work
# Professional Advise, Knowledge and Service
# Please feel free to call if you have any other requests


Scene 1 - Ladies Fund Raising Luncheon.

Kath: Your windows always look fantastic! Who are your window cleaners?
Jess: Window Cleaners? I don't have window cleaners... I have Window Ninjas!

Scene 2 - Building managers networking event.

Jules: Your windows always look great! Who are your window cleaners?
Hayen: Window Cleaners? We don't have window cleaners... We have Window Ninjas!


Two stories same outcome: Great Service. Outstanding Quality.

Let Us Do Your Dirty Work

Managing Director/ Wind Jitsu Master

Byron Hopley

0433 551 407

184 Christmas Street
Fairfield, melbourne
Victoria 3078

ABN: 41 090 733 612